Metaline’s Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM Capabilities

OEM Capabilities

Metaline’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) capabilities allow us to design and manufacture every facet of in-store displays, store fixtures, and promotional and protective packaging, from tubing and wire to sheet metal and corrugate. With our skilled and seasoned team and our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, we streamline manufacturing and save you time and money by offering full-service display and parts production. Our extensive list of OEM capabilities includes:

· 3D CNC Wire Forming
· End Forming
· Straightening and Cutting

· 3D CNC Bending
· Cutting and Deburring
· Punching
· Laser Cutting
· Swaging and Reducing
· Threading

Sheet Metal
· Laser Cutting
· Bending and Forming
· Hole Tapping and Threading
· CNC Punching

· Robotic Mig Welding
· Tig Welding
· Automated Jig Welding
· Resistance Welding

· CNC Routing
· Heat Bending
· CAD Cutting