April 7, 2016

When designing and producing the KEF display, Metaline was tasked with merchandising their high end line of speakers and headphones. In order to do so, we set out to create a versatile display system that could market multiple products via one cohesively integrated platform.

Our main challenge was devising the optimal solution for showcasing different products on the same display. In order to do so, Metaline proposed a modular three-piece display that allowed for marketing all three products together or separately.

Before proceeding with the final production of the display, we presented our client with an initial concept rendering, followed by a production-quality prototype. We then worked in partnership with KEF in order to finalize our three-piece system. Then, proceeding with the manufacturing process, Metaline employed strategic partnerships to source specific requirement components. The resulting modular display was constructed using powder coated steel, acrylic panels, and LED lighting. The finalized system showcases backlit duratrans graphics and plays music through the speakers on the display.


Display Design for KEF Audio Speakers

Custom Point of Purchase Display for KEF Audio Speakers

Modular Display for KEF Audio Speakers

Modular Display for KEF Headphones

Display Design Using Powder Coated Steel, Acrylic Panels & LED Lighting for KEF

Custom Display Manufacturing for KEF

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KEF Case Study