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Making Displays Easy for Our Clients...

We were tasked with creating a distinctive display to help showcase a high-end line of Black Magic tire care products. The purpose of this project was to create an attractive, durable floor display that would grab the attention of shoppers at a major auto retailer. The display would be strategically placed in the tire section of the store to entice tire customers to also purchase the Black Magic tire care products.

After sketching out a few ideas, our initial design concepts were refined using advanced modeling software and then presented to the client. Once they decided on a design, we engineered and produced 1,000 displays in our 60,000-square-foot-facility. One of the unique design features of this display included a vacuum-formed header and base made to look like a tire. Wire tubing and sheet metal were used to form the inner structure. In addition, the display was designed to be viewable from all sides.

Once all the displays were produced, they were warehoused at our facility and then distributed to various store locations. All together, the project was completed over 10 weeks: 1 week for concepts, 1 week for revisions, 2 weeks for prototype creation, and 6 weeks for mass production.

Through our creativity, customer service, and commitment to quality, we were able to execute this project under a tight deadline, resulting in an effective, eye-catching display that helped increase sales for our customer.

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